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The main effect of Thai massage for weight loss is achieved through direct action on the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This type of massage improves blood circulation in the problem areas, as a consequence, speeds up the metabolism, and this is just a positive impact on the fight against body fat, so you lose unwanted pounds with the help of massage.

Strong and professional Thai massage movements, careful attitude to each problem area, the unique Thai massage techniques and special natural Thai oils rise to this challenge better than any machine. Perfect body of "ageless" Thai girls  is the best evidence of the effectiveness of these ancient.

Will it hurt? Yeah, maybe a little. But massage is performed professionally by these therapists, so they do not cause discomfort for patient. There will be a weightless energy relationship between the therapist and the patient. Sensitivie hands of the finest therapists will work on your body. At the end of the session there will be an unforgettable sense of a well done job. Your muscles get a huge load, comparable to the versatile enhanced physical training. Yes, this massage cause a little ache for several days, but after 2-3 massages, the body gets used to the stress and the pain will go away. techniques.

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